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1973 Ford F350


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rear body floor in steel diamond plate


rusty old cab re-fitted so I can fabricate the rear bodywork


Locker housing a 200L LPG tank


Fuel tank mounted and covered by side paneling


l/h locker finished except for a door


tested the wheel lift with my Skyline


R/h locker cabinet with "hide away" door


With the rear body fabricated I thought I'd check out the replacement cab

Guess I should have looked harder,

 it was described as "has had small repairs to floors"

both floor pans had very poor repairs which had to be removed

other than the floors this cab is good.


as the old cab had near perfect floors, we removed the whole section


replacement floor section


decided to fit the floor in two sections, firstly the L/H floor


followed by the R/H section, finished of in black waxoil to protect it


inside the floor is now protected with stone chip paint and lookin good


also fitted the freshly painted valve covers

great to finally start priming the body


both sides now ready to top coat


both rear light panels in black

back end panels fitted

3 good coats of yellow 2K paint applied

body lookin good

cab all repaired and primed ready for it's top coat

hood repaired and ready to prime

panels now painted and ready for assembly

took the painted panels out into the sunshine,

 wow what a great colour

cab back on the frame.

inner sheet metal assembled,

doors hung,

front end sheet metal assembled

loaded on a trailer so we can take it to the local licensing office for them to check the vin plate matches the trucks paperwork

looks good behind the wife's suburban

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