1973 Ford F350


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bought as a chassis cab

originally used as an aircraft hydraulic ladder

the original cab has some serious rot

so a replacement cab was sourced

along with a heavy duty spec-lift

the work begins


front end sheet metal all removed

followed by the doors and screens

next thing to remove was the fuel tank

the cab is lifted off showing good floors

but very rusted roof

caused by water getting in through the roof window.

Frame is as solid as the day it was made.

a quick clean reveals a tidy motor and trans

360ci on a stand

Trans on a trolley

axle off

frame now completly bare

heavy duty rear leaves

Axle stripped and being preped for paint

got a little help from a friend and his sand blaster

frame is primed and looking good

axle too

and the rear leaves.

at last I get to apply a little colour to my project

axle in my favorite colour

rear leaves too

even the helper leaves and shackles

The rear end is now refitted

today I started the fabrication for the spec-lift and rear body

200L LPG tank above the frame.


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