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1973 Ford F350


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rebuilt rear brakes

new cylinders and springs, shoes were still excellent

drums only needed a clean and paint to look good

steering parts overhauled and painted

Calipers overhauled and painted

Hub assembly installed

r/h front suspension sorted.

l/h front suspension sorted

frame to support the rear body sorted

back on it's wheels again

axle brake pipes installed

engine all stripped and cleaned ready for paint

heads too

oil pan still needs a bit of work

a few bits cleaned and painted

alternator ready to refit

block is primed

heads are primed

lower half of wheel lift primed

block painted

heads painted

trans cleaned and painted

dipsticks painted

lower half of wheel lift painted

engine back in the frame

along with the trans

got a rear body floor fitted and the wheel lift back on

rear body floor painted

wheels all blasted and repainted

wheel lift extension blasted and painted.

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