Sean's Truck

Having had some great years owning the Dodge dayvan known as Black Magic, Sean decided he wanted a truck so here it is.

We collected it with my truck

looked good but first job was a strip down

then over 50 years worth of muck had to be removed from the chassis

followed by some paint

then the fabrication could start


Sean's first drive

local kids asked why the go-kart was so big?

Now we start on the cab.

First the under side gets cleaned, treated and painted yellow

inside is treated

Bulkhead all holes welded and filled

now primed

now the cab is refitted to the chassis

 the front end has now been replaced with an independent suspension set up

front end sheet metal work refitted

getting there now

She sure sits low

just wait till the bumper is on, it'll be on the floor

Sean is happy with it, (note the mobile phone under the front wing)

engine is looking good

steering misses the headers by just enough

time for paint, Black? not too sure about that


next come the new windows and new rubbers

Man that screen was tight


All New Buck, made and primed ready for paint

one of the sides

the back

the front

here it is in it's new home

and here we see the new buck, built from scratch





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